Recently I overheard a conversation about a video someone didn’t like.  They had chosen to stop watching this informational video because they didn’t not agree with a small statement (which was not the purpose of the video).  I thought this was interesting.  Intrigued, I popped over and watched the video.  It was enlightening, and I didn’t necessarily agree with everything but I certainly learned some things.  Had I stopped at the beginning, I would not have learned anything.

What do we miss when we tune out?

Personally I find it very interesting to surround myself with people I don’t always agree with on everything. Serial killers  and thieves need not apply, but I am intrigued by people of varying opinions, occupations, cultures and ways of life.  When I was an exchange student during my senior year in high school, I ran into this quite a lot.  Although it’s part of growing up, learning how to communicate with people of varying cultures, language and opinions was certainly a wonderful experience.  It taught me a lot about listening, adapting and thinking for myself.

If we were all alike, this would sure be a boring planet to live on.

I think one of the reasons I enjoy varied company is it gives me a chance to really think about what I believe on certain subjects.  I may feel very strongly on one issue, and yet hearing another perspective can be very enlightening!  I had a conversation with a friend recently, which made me think.  She and I were very opposite on an issue, and yet listening to her perspective made me see the issue in an entirely new way.  It’s a way I hadn’t thought of!

It’s all about your perspective.

My perspective on life or even just chocolate ice cream might be well and dandy for me.  Taking a moment to try out something new or listen to someone else’s view just might change my mind or yours.  It also might reinforce your beliefs with a new spin.

Who do you have in your life that challenges and intrigues you?

Creative Commons License photo credit: zenobia_joy