Yesterday was chemo day. I am both grateful, and dread the days I go in.

Chemo Day

Chemo is a double edged sword: It’s my lifeline, literally, and yet days later the fatigue and down in the dumps feelings are there. I am grateful to still be around due to the breakthroughs made by the pharmaceutical industries. But, there is work to be done for therapies that aren’t so harsh on the rest of the body.

The overheards.

The other difficult thing about chemo are the other patients, walking their own journeys. I’ve overheard conversations of newly diagnosed and their fears about the treatment they are starting. Conversation about how the treatment should really be called to an end, and hospice contacted. Then there are the patients in tears after getting news they didn’t anticipate. They are all around you as you go in for treatment.

Grateful for perspective.

During my treatments, I’m also so happy to have the in-house social worker to talk with. She gives great perspective, a listening and sympathetic ear, and a gentle non-anxious presence in a room fraught with anxiety. I’m also grateful for the cheerful nurses. Their smiles and “how are you doing” greetings make the day a little more bearable.

Today is the day after chemo so I listen to my body, taking it easy around the house, writing, reflecting and taking care of myself. Tomorrow I go in for a haircut after getting this crazy head of hair growing in. It will be good to get my fuzzy head cleaned up around the edges. It will also be a good distraction from the thoughts floating around in my head after chemo. Also? It makes me feel kinda normal. Bonus points.

Do you have tips for taking care after chemo days?