It had been months, and the last time was when I shaved my head.

I got a haircut!

I was excited to go see my hair stylist today. I’ve known her for around 15 years. She saw me when I was pregnant with my son, and after he was born. And when I got my diagnosis, she cut my hair twice to prepare for it falling out. Then, around June of last year, a friend shaved my head.

I was bald for several months. Then my chemo regime changed, and slowly, my hair started growing back in. My hair is different this time. It’s light in color, and wavy. Oh, and a little gray. And fuzzy.

How would this go…

I made my appointment a couple weeks ago. My hair was a little frizzy on the sides and back, and more than unruly. It was time for a trim, and I was excited to see Val. Going in, I was a little nervous I would be emotional. But she set me at ease, like she always has. We chatted like we had in the past, catching up and giggling. It felt normal.

Feeling a little better.

Walking out of the salon, I felt like a million bucks. My “grow out” hair now has some style and shape! And I don’t look like a fuzzy monchichi (remember those?). 😉

Funny how something as small as a haircut can make you feel better. It’s a “normal” thing people do, and I am grateful I had a chance to do it. I’ll go back in another 7 weeks. I’m looking forward to it.