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Singing thru tears, and laying down swords.

  • A “Duh” Moment

    Last night, as I’m struggling to edit a video on my smartphone, squinting and frustrated with the small screen, my husband says,

    “Why don’t you use your tablet?”


    I know sometimes the simplest answers are right in front of me. It takes someone saying something with simple clarity to get it. And I’m better off for it. And I’m thankful.

    Know what I mean?

  • Simplicity, Clarity & Balance

    “Simplicity - Clarity - Balance”A while ago, on a recent trip to Seattle, I purchased this simply gorgeous sterling silver bracelet from Pike Street Market. I had contemplated this purchase for a year. Yes – a year. I wanted to be sure it was really something I wanted, as it was a beautiful and clear reminder of what is important to me. Not only do I feel positively gorgeous wearing this very simple piece of jewlery, but it is a good anchoring tool to remind me what is important. Here’s what it represents to me:

    1. Simplicity
  • A Difference of Perspective


    Recently I overheard a conversation about a video someone didn’t like.  They had chosen to stop watching this informational video because they didn’t not agree with a small statement (which was not the purpose of the video).  I thought this was interesting.  Intrigued, I popped over and watched the video.  It was enlightening, and I didn’t necessarily agree with everything but I certainly learned some things.  Had I stopped at the beginning, I would not have learned anything.

    What do we miss when we tune out?

    Personally I find it very interesting to surround myself with people I don’t always agree with on everything.