It took a girlfriends’ trip to the beach to rediscover the energy I had. It’s good to feel good again.

Girls Weekend

This last weekend I took a yearly trip with my best gal pals to the coast. Our husbands were a little concerned about us getting there, as it was raining and flooding all around us. Big time. Luckily, we got to the coast with no incidents, and the sun even came out so we could take a (strangely windless) walk on the beach. Yes!

On tap for the weekend, laughing and crying, talking, talking, eating, more talking, and more eating. And a few more tears while talking. We also did our vision boards. The weekend was so much fun! It’s always good to have time with girlfriends who are so uplifting, strong and encouraging. And yes, I shed some tears, too.

One big energy takeaway.

One of the biggest takeaways from the weekend was noticing how much energy I had. I was in the kitchen, washing dishes, getting food ready, going out to dinner, going shopping, and making my homemade hot chocolate for the girls. I had more energy than I usually do. I think it was because I was in a different place, and of course was having a blast. But it was more than that. Getting out of my normal routines helped me see that I had more energy than I thought I did. I felt more compelled to get up and do things. Sit at the table, work on my vision board, sit up in a chair and chat until the late night hours. It was glorious.

Cannon Beach, OR

Sometimes we don’t know what we have in us.

Coming home, I did take a big ol’ 90 minute nap. But the next few days I tried to keep up the energy. I got on this blog, and revamped it. I wrote. I got around and prepared for chemo this week (which was two days ago). I do know my body, and after chemo I have to slow down to allow my body to cycle that stuff through. But in a few days, I’m going to work on ramping it back up. Get in the kitchen, work on little projects around the house. Oh, and celebrate my birthday this Sunday. I have more energy than I thought I did. I can’t wait to get back to it.

Are there times you’ve rediscovered higher energy levels? How do you maintain it?