“Simplicity - Clarity - Balance”A while ago, on a recent trip to Seattle, I purchased this simply gorgeous sterling silver bracelet from Pike Street Market. I had contemplated this purchase for a year. Yes – a year. I wanted to be sure it was really something I wanted, as it was a beautiful and clear reminder of what is important to me. Not only do I feel positively gorgeous wearing this very simple piece of jewlery, but it is a good anchoring tool to remind me what is important. Here’s what it represents to me:

  1. Simplicity: Life is complicated enough, and I don’t need to over think things to the point of utter overwhelming frustration. This is something I work on everyday, and sometimes I just plain need to eliminate stuff from my life and schedule and keep it down to what really matters.
  2. Clarity: …. in my intentions. Looking at my life, schedule, tote bag, calendar….whatever – is it clear what my intentions are? In my spoken (or written for that matter) words and actions, and purposes – am I clear not only to myself but to others?
  3. Balance: Remembering it doesn’t matter where we are headed, but who we travel with. Success in life and business isn’t any fun if you lose those you care about along the way and have no one to share success with. Remember to have fun and no when to say no. After all, saying no more than we say yes makes the “yes” we do say mean that much more!

Maybe I over think stuff – it’s true, it does happen. However, a physical reminder helps me keep things in focus, and my mind clear. So, what’s important to YOU?