So what does “singing through tears” mean? I’m learning.

Singing Through Tears

I discovered, through a class I took several years ago, that one of my strengths is “singing through tears”. Years before I took that class, I was in a large Christmas production. There were some very touching songs in the program, and I was finding one in particular very difficult to sing without crying and my voice seizing up. I was lucky that my college voice teacher was among the participants in the group, and had a seat next to me in the dressing room. I asked her for some advice about it.

Pavarotti did it.

She told me a story of Pavarotti singing with tears streaming down his face, but that his voice didn’t seize or break up. It was crystal clear, and breathtaking (as you can well imagine). I wondered how this was possible, and we talked about some technique on how to do it. As I recall, it was similar to swallowing your voice, and keeping the back of the throat relaxed and open. I was skeptical, but took her advice to the stage floor. The first time I was able to sing that very same song, and not have my throat seize and close on me, I was elated! I was able to keep “singing through tears”.

Tears and where I turn.

As you can imagine, this can apply to things in life too. This “situation” (as I tend to call it) I am in right now is one of those times. Yes, there are tears, and sometimes lots of them. I am emotional at times, but I do my best not to let it cut me off from the world, or from living. I try and shift my mind to positive things, and find beauty wherever I can. I turn to gratitude, and focus on that when I am feeling low. It brings me back to my center, and allows me to feel what is going on, but not completely shut down. Laughter does the same thing, as does looking at my son and how incredible a young man he is becoming. The tears come, but I keep moving forward in a way that makes sense to me.

It’s worth it.

I’m not saying “singing through tears” is easy. It’s not. There are times I want to scream, but I use that energy and channel it into a positive place instead. The tears will come and go, but I won’t allow them to shut me down.

Have you ever found yourself in a place where you’ve been able to “sing through tears”?